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Plansee simplifies hot zone door operation in metal injection molding furnace

Writer: Admin Source: MDM Date:2022-06-10
By proper design, combined with efficient heating elements, the hot zone ensures a very clean environment and ensures high temperatures, while shielding the package to minimize heat loss.Austrian company Plansee says the well-designed hot zone features long service life, short heating and cooling cycles, and even heat dissipation. 

Plansee is committed to improving energy efficiency and performance in the hot zone of high temperature furnaces, using creep resistant parent alloys and lightweight construction methods. Plansee has announced that it has done a great deal of work on the design of MIM thermal doors.For other designs, the company says, two hands must open the hot zone door, and before opening, the actuating mechanism of the valve must be removed to allow for rapid cooling.Having so many steps increases the likelihood of operator error.

This is inevitable in many current designs. 

The company's new design eliminates the need to untie and reconnect door connectors when opening and closing hot zones.When the door is closed, due to the function of the check handle, the fastening mechanism is automatically processed to ensure a tight seal.The new hot zone also benefits from a pre-installed valve.Normally, the fastening device for the cooling valve mechanism is provided separately and must be installed on site.The valve and associated guide rods are now pre-installed to make installation easier, and the new valve further reduces heat loss.


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