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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents - MDM METAL Tips and FAQs

It's good to ask questions, it's here you'll find answers Do you have a question about products from MDM METAL? You'll find all the information you need below. If you can't find what you're looking for, drop us a message on Facebook or email us sales@mdmmetal.com and we'll do our best to help you.

Q1: What kind of part suitable for MIM processing?

A: Normally the parts with irregular shape, and complex 3D structure are very suitable to process with MIM technology.


Q2: What material is suitable for MIM technology?

A: The common materials used for MIM are low alloy steel(like MIM4605,MIM2200,MIM2700 etc.), stainless steel(316L,17-4PH,430L etc.), hard alloy(WC-Co), low expansion alloy(kovar, invar), tool steel(42CrMo4) an so on.


Q3: Is MIM a good processing for gun parts?

A: Sure it is, there are many small parts with irregular shape in a gun. So MIM is a perfect technology to make these parts, such as main spring housing, slide stop, hammer, front sight snad rear sight etc.


Q4: What is the smallest wall thickness can MIM make?

A: 0.5mm compared to 2.0mm of precision casting.


Q5: What is the advantage of MIM compared with precision casting?

A: 1). MIM can make a smaller hole diameter(0.4mm) than precision casting(2.0mm);
2). Deeper blind hole depth for 2.0mm hole(20mm to 2mm);
3). Smaller wall thickness(0.5mm to 2.0mm), smaller tolerance for 4mm diameter(±0.06mm to ±0.2mm) .
4). For the same part, the bigger production volume, MIM will be more cost effective.


Q6: What information does customer meed to provide for processing a product?

A: 1). 2D and 3D drawings;
2). Detailed requirements: material, tolerances, hardness, surface finish, demanding quantity etc;
3). Other special request.


Q7: Can I make modification to a project that is in production?

A: Yes you can.
You need to provide us with the new design of the project, we will evaluate it and let you know if it is feasible for changing the existing mold. If yes there will be a cost for mold changing; If not then we need to make a new mold in your consent.


Q8: What should I do when I received a batch of goods with bad quality?

A: Yes, it happens sometimes. We are sure we will take care of the issue.
1)Please send us the QC report which describes the problems accurately;
2)Also the pictures showing the problems;
3)The bad parts quantity from total amount.
4)Then we will discuss the details of solving the problems.


Q9: Will more and more mobile phone makers choose MIM technology?

A: Yes, it is a main trend since mobile phone parts are very small and demand high precision, most important the demanding quantity is very big.


Q10: Can we reduce the cost to produce mechanical parts with MIM?

A: It depends. If the parts sizes are suitable for MIM and demand in big quantity we believe it will be a better way to choose MIM technology.


Q11: What is the production lead time for MIM process?

A: Usually it takes 25-35 days for the production, or longer time for complex parts that need to do post processing and shorter time for simple parts.


Q12: How long does it take to quote for a new project?

A: With detailed requirements provided, it take 1-4 days to quote a new project.


Q13: What is the life for a MIM mold?

A: Normally 200 thousands -300 thousands shots for a MIM mold.


Q14: What is the biggest size/weight can MIM make?

A: Most of the MIM parts we produce is less than 50g, and usually the biggest part we can make is about 200g. But sometimes we produce parts over 500g, this will take more time to control the quality and is not so cost effective.

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