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Comparison of titanium alloy and aluminum alloy

Writer: Admin Source: MDM Date:2020-04-15
Titanium is a commonly used metal material, it is lighter than steel, iron, copper and other metals, but corrosion resistance
is not lower than steel, and than aluminum, so it is widely used in industry.Titanium as the base of the alloy corrosion
resistance, high heat resistance, also known as titanium alloy.
The density of titanium alloy is generally 60% of that of steel. Some high-strength titanium alloys have higher density than
other alloys, which can produce parts with high strength, good rigidity and light weight.
In fact, aluminum alloys are lighter than titanium alloys, and they are used in aircraft, automobiles, machinery and other
casings, fuselages, and larger parts.So what's the difference?Xiaobian in a large number of materials and relevant
experiments, to take you to understand:
Aluminum alloy and titanium alloy in the hardness, acid and alkali resistance (also for corrosion resistance), strength, color,
processing, and so on have different.
Than hardness: with hard iron than in aluminum alloy and titanium alloy on the material, titanium alloy material without
trace, and aluminum alloy will often leave a bright scratch.As a result, the hardness of titanium alloy is higher than that of
aluminum alloy.
Than acid and base resistance: the acid or alkali night in aluminum alloy and titanium alloy material surface of each drop,
will find that aluminum alloy will slowly become black, and titanium alloy or the original look.This shows that aluminum
alloy acid - alkali resistance than titanium alloy.
Specific strength: with hand pliers or hammer in the same thickness of aluminum alloy and titanium alloy on the
destruction, aluminum alloy is easy to deformation, and titanium alloy deformation, more effort.
Than color: aluminium alloy looks a bit hair white, glossiness is a bit low, and titanium alloy, look glossiness is high, a bit
like the black of stainless steel color.
Specific machinability: aluminum alloy in the coating tool for cutting, very good processing, milling and machinability is
good, cutting speed up to 200 m/min, not easy to wear the tool;Due to the rigidity of titanium alloy, use the coated tools
easy to aggravate when machining tool wear, so in the cutting of titanium alloy machined part, carbide to use something of
good quality, but it has been along with the development of the industry become no longer is a problem, such as using
metal powder injection molding process can be a injection molding, can need not cutting.
Visible, although titanium alloy and aluminum alloy are alloys, the application of the industry is very similar, there is still a
big difference.

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