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Design Guide for Metal Injection Molding

Computer simulation of the injection molding process is advanced and allows the study of every detail of mold filling in 3D.
The design engineer can analyse the filling dynamics in thick and thin areas on screen, study the effects of gate position, thermal gradients in the mold and phenomena such as jetting and binder segregation.
Designers can also optimise the kinetics of mold filling and determine shrinkage and distortion of the green compact relative to the mold dimensions.
A careful analysis and optimisation of the mold cavities can reduce design time and cost while significantly improving yield and quality.




"The Design Should Considerations"

  1. --Metal Part must be so designed to allow for easy ejection from the die. Sidewalls should be perpendicular; hole axes should be parallel to the direction of opening and closing of the die.
  2. --Holes, even complicated profiles, are permissible in the direction of compressing. The minimum hole diameter is 1.5 mm (0.060 in).
  3. --The wall thickness should be compatible with the process typically 1.5 mm (0.060 in) minimum. Length to thickness ratio can be up to 18 maximum-this is to ensure that tooling is robust. However, wall thicknesses do not have to be uniform, unlike other processes, which offers the designer a great amount of flexibility in designing the parts.
  4. --Undercuts are not acceptable, so designs have to be modified to work around this limitation. Threads for screws cannot be made and have to be machined later.
  5. --Drafts are usually not desirable except for recesses formed by a punch making a blind hole. In such a case a 2-degree draft is recommended. Note that the requirement of no draft is more relaxed compared to other forming processes such as casting, molding etc.
  6. --Tolerances are 0.3 % on dimensions. If repressing is done, the tolerances can be as good as 0.1 %. Repressing, however, increases the cost of the product.

"Designing New MIM Products and Solutions"

We know that timeliness is critical. Designing new products and solutions from scratch is all very well, but the designs need to be proven in real world situations. And they need to be proven fast. That’s where MDM Mmetal’s capabilities are truly world class, and where we continue to invest in our service. We work with our customers at the earliest stages of the design cycle. From an initial concept we can prototype new designs at incredible speed – sometimes even within 24-hours – thanks to our highly skilled design engineers and harnessing our expertise.

MIM Products and Solutions

Commonly used materials for MIM process and their application fields:
Material system Alloy model Application filed
Low alloy system Fe2Ni, Fe8Ni Structural parts in automobile, mechanical industries etc.
Stainless steel 316L, 304, 17-4PH, 420, 440C Medical devices, watch
Hard alloy WC-Co Various kinds of cutting tools, watches
Heavy alloy W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu, W-Cu Military, tele-communication
Titanium alloy Ti, Ti6Al4V Medical devices, military structural parts
Tool steel CrMo4, M2 All kind of tools
The performance of several typical materials:
Material Density Hardness Tensile strength Elongation
g/cm³ Rockwell Mpa %
Iron base alloy
PIM-2200(sintering state) 7.65 45HRB 290 40
PIM-2700(sintering state) 7.65 69HRB 440 26
PIM-4605(sintering state) 7.62 62HRB 415 15
PIM-4605(quenching, tempering) 7.62 68HRB 1655 2
Stainless steel
PIM-316L(sintering state) 7.92 67HB 520 50
PIM-17-4PH(sintering state) 7.50 27HRC 900 6
PIM-17-4PH(sintering state) 7.50 40HRC 1185 6
PIM-430L 7.50 65HRC 415 25
Tungsten alloy 95%W-Ni-Fe 18.1 30 960 25
97%W-Ni-Fe 18.5 30 940 15
Forming ability comparison of MIM and precision casting:
Feature Precision casting MIM
Min hole diameter 2mm 0.4mm
Max depth for 2mm blind hole 2mm 20mm
Min wall thickness 2mm 0.3mm
Max wall thickness No limit 10mm
Tolerance for 4mm diameter ±0.2mm ±0.04
Surface roughness(Ra) 5μm 1μm

Comprehensive comparison of MIM and other processes:
Process    Content MIM PM Precision casting CNC machining
Density 90% 86% 98% 100%
Tensile strength high Low High High
Finish high middle Middle high
Miniaturization capability high middle Low Middle
Thin all capability high middle middle Low
Complexity high Low middle High
Tolerance of design high Middle middle Middle
Material range high high middle high

Application of Metal MIM Parts

Metal powder injection molding has been widely used in mechanical industry, electronic industry, automobile industry, office automatic industry, watch, photoelectric industry, military industry, medical devices etc.
1) Computers and auxiliary facilities: printer parts, core, striker shaft pin, drive parts
2)Tools: such as gun drill, drill chuck, power tools, hand tools, wrenches and other spare parts, milling heads, nozzles, etc.
3) Household appliances: such as watch case, bracelet, electric toothbrushes, scissors, fans, golf head, 
simulation jewelry, tool heads and other parts;
4) Medical equipment parts: dental orthopedic frame, orthopedic bracing parts, scissors, tweezers;
5) Military ordnance parts: the missile tail, firearms parts, warheads, liner, Fuze parts;
6) Electrical parts: such as micro-motor parts, electronic parts, sensors, cell phones etc.
7) Mechanical Parts: complex parts such as small loose cotton, textile machines, sewing machines.

Technical Assistance

The metal injection machining process begins with experienced design engineers reviewing a part’s dimensions per customer drawing and then creating an AutoCAD rendition of the measurements in preparation for tooling. Our design engineer determines how many parts and offers suggestions of how the part can be manufactured with the lowest tolerances within our machining capabilities.

If your business is in need of a high quality and cost-effective metal injection molding service, then Mdm Metal have the solution to your problem.

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