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Metal Injection Molding Advantages

Writer: admin Source: Date:2022-06-30
MIM technology combines the advantages of powder metallurgy and plastic injection molding, breaks the limits on the shape of the product of traditional metal powder press molding, and absorbs the advantages of plastic injection molding in large quantities and high efficiency of shaping parts with complex shapes. It has become a near-net shaping technology of manufacturing high quality precision parts with unmatched advantages compared to conventional powder metallurgy, machining and precision casting.
● Produce complex shape of small metal parts just like producing plastic pats, normal weight between 0.5~500 grams ;
● Molding complex parts equivalent the production of plastic products, such as external grooving, external thread, tapered outer surface, cross through holes, blind holes, key pin, stiffener plate, knurled surface and so on.
● Good surface finish(can be N6), high dimensional accuracy, the usual tolerance of ± 0.3% ~ 0.5%;
● Wide range for materials, products with high density (up to 95% to 99%), and homogeneous, high performance;
● Stable product quality, high production efficiency, can be automated, high-volume, large-scale production. Faster delivery than CNC machining and other processes.

Metal Injection Molding Main Markets

Metal powder injection molding has been widely used in mechanical industry, electronic industry, automobile industry, office automatic industry, wearable devices, photoelectric industry, military industry, medical devices etc.
● Computers and auxiliary facilities: printer parts, core, striker shaft pin, drive parts
printer parts, core, striker shaft pin, drive parts 
● Tools: such as gun drill, drill chuck, power tools, hand tools, wrenches and other spare parts, milling heads, nozzles, etc.
● Household appliances: such as watch case, bracelet, electric toothbrushes, scissors, fans, golf head, simulation jewelry, tool heads and other parts;
Household appliances bracelet 
● Medical equipment parts: dental orthopedic frame, orthopedic bracing parts, scissors, tweezers;
dental orthopedic frame, orthopedic bracing parts 
● Military ordnance parts: the missile tail, firearms parts, warheads, liner, Fuze parts;
Military ordnance parts 

● Electrical parts: such as micro-motor parts, electronic parts, sensors, cell phones etc.
● Mechanical Parts: complex parts such as small loose cotton, textile machines, sewing machines, office machinery, and other machinery parts;
● Automotive, marine parts: clutch inner ring, radial inserts, fork sets, distributor cover, car airbags, car locks;
Automotive, marine parts 
● Oil drilling with various special-shaped carbide nozzles.

Production cost comparision between MIM and other processes

Cost Effective Design Flexibility/ Material Variety and Integrity

Powder metallurgy can ensure the accuracy and uniformity of the material composition ratio. Suitable for producing products of the same shape and large quantities, low production cost. 
Production cost comparision between MIM processe and other processes

Production Capacity comparision of MIM and other process

Most difficult metals and compounds, pseudo alloys, porous materials can only be manufactured by powder metallurgy

Production Capacity comparision of MIM and other process images


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