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Characteristics and advantages of high speed mixer for MIM metal feeding

Writer: Admin Source: MDM Date:2022-06-10
It is well known in the industry that the metal injection feeding is of great importance to the metal injection molding process, and the quality of the metal feeding directly affects the final performance and service life of the metal products.The preparation process of high quality metal feeders includes the selection of raw material powder, binder formula, mixing, granulation and other links, among which mixing is a key link.

At the powder Metallurgy Conference in 2014, Dr. Qiu and winkworth executives also mentioned the importance of the mixer. It can be seen that the process parameters of mixer have been paid much attention in the industry. High speed mixer refers to mixing equipment with speed of 60RMP or above. Due to its speed of more than twice that of ordinary mixer, its mixing cycle is greatly shortened and production efficiency is improved.It has a wide range of applications, not only for mixing rubber, but also for mixing and dispersing dry powder and binder. In recent years, with the maturity of metal injection molding technology, the mixing equipment used to prepare metal feeders has gradually come into people's sight and received more and more attention. Among them, high-speed mixer is naturally listed as one of the
ideal mixing equipment due to its outstanding advantages.

However, the high speed mixer commonly used in rubber and plastics industry cannot be directly used in the direct production of metal feeders, because the friction coefficient of metal powder is much larger than that of rubber and plastics, and the mixing opportunity of common material roller or roller will affect its service life and mixing quality due to excessive friction. The high-speed mixing machine for metal is a new type of equipment that has been upgraded through material upgrading. The rotor or roller that is in direct contact with the material and the key parts are all made of high-temperature hard alloy. The surface is surfacing with chrome plating, which has extremely strong hardness and high wear

High quality metal feeders are characterized by uniform particle size and full shape. The mixing of metal powder and binder can be greatly increased on the basis of improving the mixing efficiency and laying a good foundation for the subsequent granulation process by adopting the special high-speed metal mixer for metal feeding granulation. After high speed mixing, the metal powder and binder mixture is cut into grain shape by professional granulating equipment, which completes the whole production process of metal feeding. From this point of view, high speed mixer can provide high quality metal feeders and provide a solid foundation for the metal injection molding industry to produce higher quality metal products.

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